Dr. Christine Labadie, D.C., M.S of Edwards Chiropractic & Acupuncture is the first practitioner in Colorado’s Western Slope to offer CyberScan therapy, a new bio-feedback device to help support and balance the body’s immune system. The CyberScan machine measures the body’s morphogenic fields, which is the body’s energetic DNA. Imbalances in morphogenic fields can lead to disease and chronic health issues. Using Tesla coils, CyberScan interacts directly with a patient’s immune system to assist the body in restoring balance and enabling the body to innately heal itself.

Recently celebrating the 10-year anniversary, the Cyberscan machine was developed in Germany by Wolf-Dieter F. Kehren. Based upon the work of physicist Nikola Tesla, the CyberScan machine utilizes state-of-the-art proprietary bio-cybernetic technology that is consistent with the laws of physics. CyberScan has two complementary functions: identifying frequencies and balancing areas of weakness in the body. The CyberSan system can help with:

  • Chronic pain
  • Overall wellness and immune strength
  • Emotional and mental stress – Trauma, anxiety and depression
  • Gut Dysfunction
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Allergies
  • Brain patterning issues (reading disabilities, autism spectrum, AD/HD)
  • PMS/Hormone imbalances
  • Insomnia
  • Epstein Barr and Lyme viruses

CyberScan therapy begins by scanning the patient’s hand or hair sample to detect the most prominent areas that need to be balanced in the body. Dr. Labadie analyzes the frequencies that the CyberScan machine reads and develops a comprehensive, long-term health protocol focused on healing, disease prevention and longevity. Once the therapy protocol is established, the machine will program balancing frequencies, Bach Flower remedies and/or homeopathic remedies onto a card. The card, which is similar to the size of a credit card, will be worn against the body for two weeks. After the two weeks, the patient will be rescanned and a new card will be programmed. The goal of CyberScan therapy is to improve the patient’s overall health.

“Since I began utilizing the Cyberscan machine in my practice, I have seen significant improvement in patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression and IBS,” said Dr. Labadie. “Additionally, I have had wellness patients who choose to use the CyberScan therapy for improved overall health. They are reporting increased athletic stamina, improved sleep and elevated moods. I am so excited to offer this therapy to our community and beyond. There is no denying the mind-body connection and the new paradigm of medicine is beginning to recognize the importance of this connection. The Cyberscan machine bridges the gap between physics and energetic healing.”

“For me, CyberScan has been life changing,” said B.C., a long-term patient of Dr. Labadie’s. “I am sleeping better, have more energy, deal with stress better and my IBS is gone. My family, friends and coworkers have all seen a change in me for the better.”

To learn if you are a candidate for CyberScan therapy, please call Dr. Labadie at (970) 926-9222.

About Dr. Christine Labadie, D.C., M.S.

Dr. Labadie graduated from Logan University in 2011 with a doctorate of Chiropractic and received her Masters in Nutrition in 2015. As a Practitioner at Edwards Chiropractic & Acupuncture, she specializes in the low force adjusting technique Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT), focusing on cranial adjusting.  In addition to SOT, Dr. Labadie utilizes Functional Dry Needling, nutrition and CyberScan therapy to help patients function at their optimal level. Dr. Labadie is also certified in large and small animal chiropractic, specializing in small animal care. She approaches each patient, human or animal, as an individual and formulates a treatment plan best suited to the patient’s individual needs.